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The sounds around my room

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I live in Tujunga, California. It’s a small town on the edge of a big town, filled with horses and meth and a creeping suburbia that everyone here hates and I guess I’m a part of. Diva and I live here because it’s next to the Angeles Crest Forest and we can go hiking every morning, but it’s still only a half an hour from work. A lot of Tujunga residents live in the low-lands, but Hutch and Diva and I live up in the place that’s still mostly wild, right up against the wilderness. And even a little like part of it, since the forest is around our property, literally, with a huge hill behind us and trees all over the lot. It’s a great place for the wild things to live, and I love it that way.

Tonight, I’ve got my doors and windows open. I don’t use air conditioning usually, since I think it’s bad for the environment, and honestly, I love going to sleep to the sound of crickets. All my life, I’ve never been in a place with more than an accidental cricket or two that somehow wandered in on someone’s clothes, so the hundreds I hear out there tonight are almost like the Disneyland soundtrack for the ol’ bayou.

I guess that’s not entirely accurate. My dad had a share of a ranch and there were crickets out there. I remember trying to figure out where the noise was coming from, but every time I walked up to the noise, it would stop. It would be years before I actually saw a real cricket and realized how buglike and gross they are. They sound like they’d be beautiful, or at least like little ugly faries.

My room is off from the house in a kind of primitive mother-in-law apartment. It doesn’t have a kitchen or even a kitchenette, but it does have a nice living area, a bathroom with a shower, and a huuuuuge walk-in closet that I’ve managed to fill with crap that I probably really don’t care about. It’s perfect for me and Diva. The lights dim when the air conditioning goes on in the main house and the hot water takes damn near forever to start, but it’s rustic and covered in cowgirl stuff and totally mine. I feel like I could never move and that would be ok.

On my mirror, I’ve written some notes to myself, including “BREATHE every hour,” and “LOVE AND CARE FOR Diva.” They’re reminders of things that I think might make me a better person inside. So far, I’ve found the breathing thing so helpful I might try to do it more than once an hour. (that was a little joke, I guess) But really, I want to be better and am usually trying to make minor (sometimes major) adjustments to my life to improve myself. A while ago, I wanted to start living with integrity, and I think I’m nearly there.

There are many dogs in the neighborhood, but none of them are barking tonight. The coyotes are quiet. Everything but the crickets seems to be somewhere else or asleep. A neighborhood dog got hit in the street yesterday, but that’s another story for another entry. It’s a story that I have to write, though. It’s almost the reason I started this blog entirely.

And with that, I’m going to bed. Diva wants to cuddle and my boyfriend wants a phone call. And, as my mirror says, I have to “SLEEP at least 8 hours every night.”


Written by normalslife

September 5, 2008 at 4:44 am

Posted in home, life

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