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AIM SENDS PORN (all-caps important!!)

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this is totally stupid!!

Thanks, Jamie, for letting me know.

It’s true, people! Just look at the email that I had to send to my team earlier today:
Hi All,

Ah, modern technology…. So, in the process of downloading AIM 6.8, I managed to get my account hacked. I’ve heard from many sources (many of you I didn’t even know were in my buddy list! Oh hi!) that an inappropriate IM was sent out from my account. I haven’t seen the IM, but don’t open the link. Please do not open the link!

And also, don’t install IM 6.8. There’s a security hole that allows others to hack into your account.

Sorry for sending out this urgent message to everyone, but I’d hate for you to go to the site and think I was in any way responsible (I mean, aside from keeping my IM software current).


How this happened is that my close blogger friend, Agnes, sent me a link to look at her pictures… except that she never sent me that note!!! It was a spambot or something. I clicked on the link and it asked me to sign in to the AOL site. Now usually, I’m not a sucker for spam or phishing, but I totally fell for it, hook, line and sinker (haha, get it? a fishing joke?). I logged in and downloaded what I thought was AOL 6.8 and somehow my AIM account got hacked and started sending out Asian porn and “dating site” links (I met David on a dating site, so we all know what kind of people hang out on dating sites).

So, shcmeh.

Written by normalslife

September 10, 2008 at 11:38 pm